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Is your dog crazy inside the house? Teach this skill for a calmer life!

Do you wish your dog would calm down? Especially in your home. Are they running around all the time, looking for stuff to get into?

If you're struggling with your dog, you should teach your dog the Place command. It’s a great skill for you and your dog to have in your life together. We are going to discuss: What is the place command? Why Place is valuable for your dog’s state of mind and when to use Place.

What is the place command?

Place command is a skill that every dog should know. It allows your dog to go onto a defined area and lie down. We use elevated dog cots at Ace Dog Academy, but a dog bed, pillow, or blanket works excellent too. The only rule about picking a place is that it shouldn’t be much larger than your dog. If it’s too big, then it makes learning the boundaries harder.

So at the beginning of training, the rule is that your dog goes onto your Place object with help from you using your leash. The expectation is that they stay there until permitted to step off. Anytime they step off without permission, you put them back. Over and over.

During the learning phase, they are heavily rewarded with food & praise. Even when they make mistakes like getting off because you walked by. After a long learning phase, we will introduce corrections to help clear up when it is and is not acceptable to step off of the place.

Why is Place so valuable for your dog’s state of mind?

Teaching your dog to go onto and stay on Place is just the beginning. The critical part of Place is that they learn to relax and be calm on Place. Eventually, your dog should go onto Place and lie in a Down.

This is where the true power of Place comes in. By lying down, we get our dog to not only physically lie down, but we get their mind to “lie down” and rest. Place is like dog meditation. Calmness is a skill your dog must practice. Place plays a huge role in learning how to be calm.

Practicing Place allows your dog to get used to all the actions happening around the home like, doorbells ringing, visitors knocking, kids playing, cooking in the kitchen, and people coming and going from the room but not being IN the action. Place allows your dog to learn how to relax around all of those triggers. Over time, they learn to ignore them because they’ve learned that they should stay on Place when they happen instead of running around acting wild.

Another benefit of Place for your dog’s state of mind is that it removes your dog’s stress and anxiety by giving them a job. Place prevents bad behaviors and habits from starting or from being practiced.

When to use Place?

Place is used anytime your dog is out of the crate inside your home and not being played with or directly interacted with. Place is a great place to park your dog between activities. Place can be used inside or outside.

  • Before your walk

  • Guests at the door? Have your dog on place to prevent jumping and teach your dog the expected behavior when guests arrive.

  • Are you Cooking or eating? Place prevents counter surfing, begging, or food stealing.

  • Watching television

  • Cleaning the house

Place gives your dog a place to go and practice being calm anytime you can’t keep your eye on them or your dog can’t be involved in the action. Place can help stop all the nonsense and get a calmer, better-behaved dog.

If you’re struggling with your dog and want to learn how to teach your dog Place. Download your free guide below!

What you’ll learn today:

What is the Place command?

Why is Place so valuable for your dog’s state of mind?

When to use Place?


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