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The best dog training tool? I bet you already own it...

If you had to choose just one tool to train your dog. What would you pick? Would you pick: food? A clicker? A leash? Training collars? E Collar? For me, it’s an easy choice. I would choose a leash. Today I want to discuss a few reasons why the leash is one of, if not the, best dog training tools that you already own.

Preventing your dog from running away is the most common use for a dog leash, and it's a great use for it. Another way you use your leash is to prevent your dog from moving toward people, squirrels, cats, garbage, or other dogs. This keeps them out of bad situations like dog fights, jumping on people, or eating random food off the ground. All of which can be harmful to your dog or harm others. Training The leash is a great tool to teach your dog a new skill or command. Pressure on, pressure off, this is how we use the leash to teach your dog new skills. It becomes easy to connect the dots for your dog between what you asking of them and what action your dog must take. For example, when you say “Sit," leash pressure should turn on. The leash pressure remains on until your dog finishes the command and actually sits. Over time your dog will need less and less leash pressure. This allows humans a very easy and manageable way to teach dogs new skills. Leadership Dogs have irrational fears and take irrational actions. Using your leash, you can lead them through and over their struggles. You teach them it will all be okay, and you're there to show them how to handle the stressful world. Over time, your dog will grow confidence in themselves and you as their owner and handler. They will require less guidance from you, and when they need guidance, they will look to you, instead of making poor, irrational choices. Choices are often the behaviors we are trying to stop. In conclusion, use your leash to prevent bad things from happening to your dog, like them running away or running towards dogs/cars. Use it in training to connect the dots between our words and the actions your dog should take. Use it to help your dog through struggles and build its confidence. ACTION STEP: Put a leash on your dog in your home. This is a huge underused way you can take, right now, to prevent bad behaviors inside your home. Please go download your free dog training guide at for more tips. Tip #1 will give you more info on how to use your leash to create a calm life with your dog. In this episode, you’ll learn: How your leash can help keep your dog safe. How your leash connects the dots in your dog’s training. How your leash helps your dog’s confidence.


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