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At Ace Dog Academy we believe that it doesn't matter what we can do with your dog, but what YOU can do when your dog comes home. 

Testimonials: Testimonials

Please review the following testimonials and reviews from past clients.


"We had such a wonderful experience with Ace Dog Academy!! Our dog can be an active part of our family and we can enjoy her. Avery has been very helpful since we've come home too, he's always been a phone call away and happy to help!!"

Morgan B. 
Eden's Owner


Rosie & Ruby

"I cannot express how grateful we are for Ace Dog Academy! We rescued two Dane/hound mixes that are 1 and we were in way over our heads. Ace was an answered prayer. Not only do we enjoy the girls more, but we have confidence in doing fun things with them. I would recommend this ten times over if I could."

MacKenzie M. 
Rosie & Ruby's Owner

Roxy at Ritter park in front of roses


My dog has serious dog aggression issues. She is a sweetheart with people, but a monster when it comes to other dogs. She's very excitable and energetic and despite my best efforts, I struggled to get her to calm down and listen. I highly recommend Ace Dog Academy. Roxy has learned how to calm herself, and more importantly, I have learned how to keep her calm. It takes staying consistent with her every day and reminding her of the rules (because she likes to test them), but I no longer have to be nervous about taking her on walks and now I know exactly what to do if other dogs are near.


I was on the verge of rehoming her because I didn't think I could give her what she needed, but I am so happy I chose this option instead. We have both learned so much, and I'm far more confident in my ability to handle her and stay consistent with boundaries and commands.

Deidre P.
Roxy's Owner

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