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Check-In day Instructions

Drop Off Address: 

203 12th Ave, Huntington WV 25701


Note: Please pull into the alleyway behind the house and enter the driveway with the white vinyl fence gate. Once inside the gate will close behind you to keep your dog safe.


When you arrive, please call or text 



 **For your dog's safety, I will meet you at your car. Please keep your dog inside the vehicle and on a leash.


Things to bring to Check-In:

  • Your dog is on a leash. If we have previously worked together, please bring all your tools.

  • Food for the duration of the stay. A little extra doesn't hurt

  • Medications (if applicable) 


Ace Dog Academy will provide bowls, toys, leashes, and all other tools needed for training. 


*Remaining balance will be charged at drop off to the card that was used to book the reservation. If you need different payment arrangements, please let me know A.S.A.P.


How you will be updated about your dog's progress?

Updates about your dog's training journey can be found on various social media platforms. Please click to ollow the Ace Dog Academy and watch your dog's videos. - Facebook or Youtube  

Please watch and learn from the content. It is expected that you follow along and soak up as much as possible before your dog returns home. I will be honest and open about your dog and how they are progressing. I will tell you what needs extra attention and how we can work on their behavioral needs. Every dog is unique. I want you to understand your dog and what they need to focus on when they come home.


Training will bring about small daily incremental changes. Therefore I cannot give you a day-by-day update about your dog.  Your dog will be inconsistent and may improve one day, but struggle the next, especially during the first 2 weeks. This is a normal part of the training process. Visiting your dog during training is also not possible, as this can have detrimental effects on your dog's success.

Since your dog's training and your long-term success is my primary goal there may be times with no social media posts. Since I do want to keep you informed and updated about your dogs progress,  I will reach out with a phone call for a short 5-10 minute update about once a week. We will discuss your dog's progress and what your dog is working on. Please feel free to write down any questions and ask them during these phone calls.

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