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    The Board & Train program training focuses on your dog's state of mind.

Calmness is the ultimate goal. While at Ace Dog Academy will learn basic obedience commands, but more importantly, your dog will learn how to live in the human world.  They will learn a communication tool and skills that will transfer to you when they come home to you


What will my dog learn?

 During training your dog will learn:

  • No jumping on people

  • Loose leash walking

  • Come when called

  • Calm in the car 

  • Calm in the house - even with visitors, kids, or cats.

  • Impulse control

  • Stop counter surfing, chewing & digging

Your dog will enjoy a daily structured walk and daily playtime with other dogs if appropriate. Your dog will also enjoy various field trips and hikes as training dictates.

You and your family are expected to work hard to keep the training up when your dog returns. Don't worry, Ace Dog Academy will be available for you and your dog to support you after graduation.

    Your job will be to keep practicing and using the skills daily in your life This is a lifelong program. Life-long changes are needed to be successful.

What are the requirements to enroll?

  • Your dog must be 6 months of age or older.

  • Open to using a crate after training.

  • Commitment to following the structure & rules for lifetime success.

What is included?

The equipment you go home with:

  • E collar mini educator* - allows for a leash-free open line of communication so you can communicate clearly with your dog.

  • 6-foot leash

  • 15+ foot leash

  • Graduate Guide book to prepare you when your dog returns home.

  • Video playlist to help your family prepare for your dog's return home

3 week Board & Train
$2250 + tax


Reserved for dogs struggling with:

  • pulling on the leash

  • running out the door

  • non stop barking

  • leash reactivity

  • whining

  • jumping

  • counter surfing

  • chewing

  • digging

  • out of control energy & many more

5 week Board & Train 
$3250 + tax


 Reserved for dogs struggling with:

  • Extreme Food or resource guarding

  • Severe Leash reactivity

  • Severe Separation anxiety 

  • Self harming behaviors

  • Breaking out of crates

  • Dog to Dog aggression

  • Severe fear / nervous

  • Obsessive compulsive behavior

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Turn chaos into calm

Terms & Conditions 

*Occasionally your dog may need a specialized E Collar, this will result in a $75 dollar surcharge. You will be notified of this if it is needed. Certain behaviors and situations may determine that additional weeks are needed. Additional weeks are optional and will be advised by the trainer for certain dogs or behaviors. The cost per additional week is $500
A deposit of $500 is due to secure dates. Balance due at drop off.

Cancellation Policy:
*If cancelled less than 21 date of drop off date, moneys can be credited for other services or rescheduled, but no refund is available. If cancelled more than 21  days to drop off date, refund minus deposit previously paid will be refunded. 

For further policies, please click to visit our policies page


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