Board & Train Programs

Follow Rosie & Dasher's journey

Using state of the art low level E collar technology we train your dog a new system of communication that is easily transferred to you, the owner. That makes the training stick when you take your dog home. 


The E collar allows for a leash free open line of communication so you can communicate clearly with your dog. Gone are the days of stressed out walks, bribing or pleading to stop bad behaviors. After training you'll have a dependable dog and a new, happy relationship between you and your dog.

We keep the volume of dogs low so we can spend more high quality training time with your dog and focus on your needs. 

Your dog will learn the following commands at all the board and train programs:

  • Sit  + Stay

  • Down + Stay

  • Heel 

  • Here - recall

  • Crate training + Crate manners

  • Waiting for food & doorways

Our 3 week program is reserved for dogs with issues such as:

  • pulling on the leash

  • running out the door

  • non stop barking

  • leash reactivity

  • whining

  • jumping

  • counter surfing

  • chewing

  • digging

  • out of control energy & many more

Our 5 week+ program is reserved for dogs with issues such as:

  • Extreme Food or resource guarding

  • Severe Leash reactivity

  • Severe Separation anxiety 

  • Self harming behaviors

  • Breaking out of crates

  • Dog to Dog aggression

  • Severe fear / nervous

  • Obsessive compulsive behavior



All Board & Train programs include

  • Owner education / coaching

    • YouTube playlist​

      • Dedicated to your dog's training journey. Follow along to learn the how and why of training so your better prepared when your dog returns home.​

    • ​​​3 hours for the 3 week program and 6 hours for the 5 week program. This is when we transfer all information and techniques for your success at home.

    • 1 additional 1-on-1 training hour in your home or at Ace Dog Academy. Owner coaching to be used within 90 days of your dog's graduation. 

  • All tools -

    • E collar mini educator

    • Prong collar + safety clip

    • 6 foot leash

    • 15+ foot leash

    • Elevated pet cot

    • Go home guide 

  • Your dog will enjoy a daily structured walk and daily play time with other dogs if appropriate. Your dog will also enjoy various field trips and hikes as training dictates.

  • Email / phone support for you and your dog after the program.

3 week Board & Train - $2250 + tax
5+ week Board & Train - $3250 + tax

Additional weeks are optional and will be advised by the trainer for certain dogs or behaviors. Cost per additional week is $500.
A deposit of ~25% is due to secure dates. Balance due before drop-off date.
*If cancelled less than 21 date of drop off date, moneys can be credited for other services or rescheduled, but no refund is available. If cancelled more than 21  days to drop off date, refund minus deposit previously paid will be refunded.
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