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Ace Dog Academy Live! Place 2 Place with the long leash.

Aug 27, 2022


Why use a long leash when training your dog?

Having a long leash on your dog gives them more freedom while still allowing you to be a safe, responsible dog owner because you still have the leash in hand.

Long leashes, also called long lines, vary in length. Generally, a regular walking leash length is six feet, and anything ten feet or more is considered a long leash.

For training purposes, using a long leash has a few advantages

  1. More freedom, more choices. 

 It allows your dog to move around more and explore more things. This gives your dog more choices.

2. Less guidance from you means better training. 

 Dogs know the difference in control they are under when wearing a short or long leash; this allows you to learn how your dog reacts to situations in the world on your walk together.

3. Lead them through the situation 

 Since your dog can make more choices on its own, it allows you to lead it through those situations so it can learn and improve. Over time this teaches your dog better judgment, and they will make better choices when they are in new situations.

Consider a longer leash on your next walk with your dog. Keep it slow, the distractions low, and slowly improve your dog’s skills on the walk.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

Why use a long leash on your walk? 

How using a long leash on your walk helps your dog’s judgment.

How to teach your dog the Place command and Place 2 Place recall




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