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Stop Struggling,
Start living the best life with your dog

Ace Dog Academy helps stop your dog's out-of-control behaviors and teaches practical life skills for living a calmer, stress-free life together.

Feeling frustrated because your dog...

  • Jumps on you or visitors?

  • Chews on your furniture or house?

  • Pulls on the leash?

  • Growls / snaps over food or toys?

  • Destroys your house when you leave?

  • Breaks out of crates?

  • Has shown signs of dog or human aggression?

  • Tries to run out of the door?

  • Barks nonstop?

  • Whines?

  • Eats off of or gets stuff from the counter?

  • Digs holes in your yard?

  • Has out-of-control energy?

  • Chews on everything?

Many families struggle with their dog's out-of-control behaviors. Ace Dog Academy trains dogs and teaches humans practical life skills for living a calmer, stress free life with your dog.

We can help you end the nonsense and get your life back!


Worry less & start enjoying a calmer life with your dog


Training that creates a happier, less stressed dog.


Save time & start taking back your life

How to get started anchor
How to get started

Learn about our tools, philosophy, techniques, and prices.


Schedule a free consult

This is when we will get to know each other and answer any questions you have. 


Start training

Start your journey towards a calmer dog and stress-free home.

We Feel Your Pain

We have been on your side of the leash, firsthand, with our own out-of-control dogs.


See how we've helped other families, just like you, stop the chaos and gain calmness in their homes.

Watch the latest training videos 

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